Jane Hayes Greenwood

Shovel - Screening
Art Bermondsey - 183-185 Bermondsey Street, First Floor, London, SE1 3UW
Private View: Wednesday 22nd April 2015 | 23rd -26th April

Shovel-Screening is the first solo exhibition by London based artist Jane Hayes Greenwood. The exhibition brings together a body of new work that explores historic artefacts and archaeological processes.

In this exhibition, objects curiously anthropomorphic in form are resurrected and filtered through a distinctively restless making process. Here, the museological or ‘dug-up thing’ is remodelled, photographed, propped up or sensitively described in drawing or in paint. Systems of measurement and classification are referenced amongst the works, although, ideas of scale, volume and weight to which these systems may refer are redundant, and seem to raise more questions than they answer.

Each of Hayes Greenwood’s works is clearly indebted to the specific properties of the archaeological, historical or psychological object, but they are also driven by a need for rearticulation and a radical reframing within her own particular visual language. The objects of our pasts signify meanings and uses we can sometimes only guess at. Hayes Greenwood’s work invites us to reflect on what purpose these objects might have once served and imagine what their significance might be in the present.